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Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Kevin Rogers represents both plaintiffs and defendants in many areas of civil litigation. We have most successfully undertaken a wide array of civil litigation claims, including lawyer malpractice, contract disputes, consumer fraud, class action litigation, landlord-tenant disputes, police misconduct cases and claims involving personal injury. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience in state and federal courts as well as administrative hearings, mediations and arbitrations.

Our Office has represented numerous individuals and their families in personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are prepared to advocate for our clients in cases resulting from the wrongful and intentional acts of law enforcement officers during the course of arrest including asserting claims for false arrest, malicious prosecution, assault, battery and violation of civil rights.

Our attorneys understand the delicate and personal nature of civil litigation disputes and put forth our best efforts to obtain most satisfactory results.

Professional Negligence

With regards to professional negligence, the Law Offices of Kevin Rogers has extensive experience prosecuting cases involving the professional negligence of lawyers, accountants, realtors, insurance agents and appraisers.

Our attorney liability practice has achieved highly successful results for our clients. Our keen grasp of the spoiled case as well as our developed theories of negligence against the offending professionals serve to obtain most favorable results.

We maintain a catalog of support and opinion witnesses, including retired judges, that draw upon their varied educations and vast experiences to readily identify a breach, or breaches, of a lawyers standard of care whether it is a personal injury action, incorporation of a business, mishandled tax or business transactions, estate or other ministerial errors of the retained professional.

Business Representation

The Law Offices of Kevin Rogers is well equipped to service businesses that require cost-effective legal representation in both transaction and litigation aspects. As such, we are able to service the daily legal needs of small and mid-sized companies, which require their attorneys to balance their knowledge of the law with the practical aspects of business. Our attorneys regularly advise clients on virtually every type of corporate and commercial transact- ion and litigation. We are flexible in compensation arrangements with our clients, which allows for payment on an hourly basis, by contingency or through a hybrid of both. Thus, while we provide our clients with the highest quality of advice and counsel, our rates are significantly lower than those of larger firms, thus benefitting our clients regardless of their size or budget.

Our Office has many years of experience providing a most divergent resume of advised and counseled clients. We are prepared to assist clients with a broad spectrum of services, including entity formation and compliance; contract negotiation; drafting and publication; business planning; lease negotiation and any other concerns that might require sound, legal guidance. Our pre-litigation counseling and strategic planning is second to none. We have the ability to act as general counsel for businesses, or as regional, local or special counsel accommodating the particularized needs of the client. We also have appeared as local and additional trial counsel in conjunction with our clients' regular outside counsel on matters where the practice before a foreign court warrants such a circumstance.

Consumer Practice

This Office has represented numerous clients in class treatment of consumer litigation including consumer fraud, environmental issues and debt collection. Some of the cases we were involved in are:

In re Mercury Class Action Litigation. Case No. 00 CH 13226 (Cir. Court of Cook County, Illinois). We served as Plaintiff's Counsel in this case that pursued consumers' remedies regarding the location of mercury-containing gas regulators in and outside of homes. This class was a regional. The settlement, which has been approved by the Court, provided for medical monitoring, removal of the mercury offending regulators, and compensation to certain of the class members.

In re McDonalds Corporation. Case No. 01 CH 13803 (Cir. Court of Cook County, Illinois). The firm acted as Plaintiff's Counsel in this national class litigation and coordinated the efforts of approximately 25 plaintiffs' firms. The litigation concerned certain promotional games that were subjected to the fraudulent removal of winning game pieces from the public distribution of those pieces. The settlement of this case is valued at approximately $20 million dollars, which included fifteen $1 million dollars prizes given away by McDonalds.

Cheung v. Receiver Corp, et al, Case No. 02 CH 22445 (Cir. Court of Cook County, Illinois). We were appointed lead counsel in this litigation pursuing consumer remedies regarding fraudulent online job solicitations coupled with applicant paid-for educational training. This was a regional class action involving over 250 class members. A settlement was approved by the Court with all members fully compensated for paid tuition, fees and costs and, a cy pres (charitable donation) award.

Carlson v. ISCS Corp, et al, Case No. 03 CH 08175 (Cir. Court of Cook County, Illinois). We here served as Plaintiff's lead counsel in this litigation pursuing consumer remedies for fraudulent online job solicitations also coupled with applicant paid-for education training. This was a regional class action involving over 100 class members. A settlement was approved by the Court with all members fully compensated for paid tuition, fees and costs and, a cy pres award.

In re TJX Retail Security Breach Litigation, MDL Case No. 07-10162 (D. Mass.). Kevin Rogers was appointed by the Court as one of Settlement Class Co-Lead Attorneys in this Multi District Litigation proceeding, which occurred from the unauthorized intrusion into TJX's computer systems resulting in the alleged compromise of millions of individuals' personal and private financial information. The matter was settled and approved by the federal court.

Village of Crestwood v. Stranczek, Case No. 09 CH 16096, consolidated; (Cir. Court of Cook County, Illinois). Our firm served as co-Plaintiff's counsel seeking redress for a contaminated water supply perpetrated by the Village of Crestwood upon its citizens and residents. Settlement resulted in half a millions dollars to the homeowners who purchased water services from the Village and, injunction from such further practices by this government entity.